In Your New Image

A book by Graham Andrews about using visualisation, or creative imagery,

to bring about the personal changes you want to achieve in your life

This book is about visualisation, or creative imagery.

Use it to improve your performance and skills in your everyday life - in your studies, in your hobbies, in your sports, and to raise your level of self-confidence in social situations.

Develop the self-confidence to increase your levels of achievement in a wide range of activities and remove obstacles to reaching those goals.

Visualisation can help us believe in ourselves - the path to many great personal achievements.

In Your New Image is about the use of visualisation, or creative imagery, to change how we see ourselves. Many people want to learn a new skill or improve their sports ability. They would like to change the way they see themselves, or how they believe others perceive them.  Perhaps they want to feel more confident at work, or in social situations. In Your New Image will guide you through the changes you want to achieve in your own life.

People from all walks of life have developed skills through the methods described in this book. And best of all, it takes only a little time - perhaps three or four weeks, to begin realising the power and benefits of visualisation.

Others derived benefit from visualisation in their everyday lives - in pursuing their hobbies, in studying, in reaching their goals, in developing new skills, in finding harmony in relationships, and much, much more.

Visualisation is simple, effective, and long lasting. Visualisation is effective because the person creates an image of the desired result - to lose weight, to give up smoking, to feel easier and more comfortable with people, to feel comfortable at meetings or in public speaking, to fit in better in their society, to improve their round of golf or other sporting endeavours.

Visualisation is effective because the person has full control over the desired outcome. They see themselves talking to a small group of people, perhaps at work, or at a party. In their minds they can feel at ease. This is carried over to the real world because the mind accepts these images. The benefits are lasting.

Visualisation is not new. There are references to it in the Bible. It has been written about in academic books for many years - indeed decades. Individuals have tried it and benefited from it. It has been used to coach sporting teams.

Here are just some aspects of your life you can improve through the use of creative imagery:

feeling comfortable with the opposite sex; public speaking; overcoming shyness; attending a small meeting; feeling comfortable with work mates; increasing ability at work; improving skills, such as hobbies; improving skills in ball games; becoming better at running, jumping, cycling; eliminating some cases of stuttering and stammering; gaining general confidence; losing a fear of travel or flying; preparing for examinations; preparing for job interviews, and lots more!