Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews The world of books and writing inspired by the ocean

The scene is of Mount Dromedary across Horseshoe Bay, Bermagui, on the New South Wales South Coast

Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews

Graham is the author of ten books and around one hundred articles published in magazines and journals.

Wow! I can hear you say. Can I write like that? Of course you can. Graham has written several books about writing to help you achieve your goal as a writer.

Graham loves to work with other writers, helping to get them started in their writing endeavours. He is keen to talk to new writers about their projects and to help them. With this in mind, he has written a series of books in the Easy Guide series covering several topics of writing.

In addition to the ten books, Graham has written for popular magazines, science journals and newspapers. He is a professional writer - web writer, freelance writer, published author, scientific editor, science and technical writer and writing tutor.

Graham Andrews - Professional Writer

PO Box 645

Narooma New South Wales 2546 Australia


Email: graham@grahamandrews.com

Telephone: 0432 866 602 (within Australia),

Int +61432 866 602

ABN 25 230 392 190

“Can you imagine the world if every writer, every artist, every actor, asked themselves the same question - is it worth my time doing this? We would not have had the great literature handed down to us from those great writers of the past - Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Shakespeare, Yeats and other great poets whose work is still read and admired and appreciated today.”

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