Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews

The scene is of Mount Dromedary across Horseshoe Bay, Bermagui, on the New South Wales South Coast

Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews

The world of books and writing inspired by the ocean

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Books by Graham Andrews

His first book, A Guide to Wrought Iron and Welding, was published by Nelson Publishers. It gives detailed, easy-to-follow directions for eighteen useful welding projects. Step-by-step instructions and black and white photographs guide the novice through every stage of design and construction of the projects.

His second book, You're On Air - A Guide to Writing, Preparing and Presenting Programs on Community Radio, was originally published by Currency Press, Sydney. The second edition has been completely revised.

Easy Guide to Science and Technical Writing is a concise handbook and comprehensive writing guide that includes all the information a writer needs to know to start writing articles for peer-reviewed journals.

Easy Guide to Writing Winning Essays includes all the information students need to learn to write winning essays for their university or college studies.

Easy Guide to Creative Writing shows readers how to start developing their ideas and writing that special story - your story.

In Your New Image is about visualisation, or creative imagery. People use the process to improve their performance and skills in their everyday life - in their studies, in hobbies, in sports, and to raise their level of self-confidence in social situations.

Island of the Barking Dog is a children’s novel about four children who find a dog on an island in a river. The children are unable to take the dog back home with them, and they must swim to the island each day to look after it.

Dad Kept Bees is a delightful story about a boy who grew up working with bees. Share his adventures as his dad moved the bee hives around the countryside, and meet the different characters he encounters in his travels.

Reach For the Sky will help all writers achieve their goal of becoming the writer they have always wanted to be.

The latest book, Practical Arc Welding - techniques and projects for the home and farm, will help those wanting to learn to weld.

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