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Freelance writing, science writing and scientific editing

Benefit from Graham's thirty years experience as an editor and published writer.

Call on Graham's experience in journal production, writing press releases and promotional material, writing text for effective websites and newsletters, and as a scientific editor.

Benefit from his management of major public affairs and media campaigns.

Graham can help you with all your writing needs, including:

As a freelance writer, Graham has written for a range of magazines, science journals and newspapers. His feature articles have been published in magazines and journals such as Australian Handyman, Easy Home Improvements, House and Home Worker, Town and Country Farmer, Australian Biologist and Australian Family Safety.

Here's a small sample of Graham's writing:

Growing Trees For Firewood

Welding Repairs That Last

Growing Trees for Livestock Production

Soils and Dust

A Vision Splendid

Farm Welding - The Good, The Bad, The Disastrous

Burning Firewood For Maximum Efficiency

Science writing

The communication of scientific and technical information is valued in our society. Scientific and technical information needs to be made readily available for market promotion.

Results of clinical studies have to be conveyed to doctors and health care workers so they, and through them, their patients, can benefit from another’s work.

Decision makers consider new findings in relevant fields. Government decisions are often based on reports of a finding or a recommendation. The examples go on.

Science writing and technical writing, by definition, can include all writing that deals effectively with subjects within science and technology.

Good science writing requires the choice of words that convey the exact meaning intended.

The first sentence should be of literary brilliance. It should grab the attention of readers so they want to read on. It is at this early stage that your readers have the opportunity to ask themselves: what's this all about? Is it interesting? Should I bother to read it? A bored reader would much rather do something else if your paper is dull and the style flat.

Clever writing is not text that confounds even the experts. Clever writing is text that is easily accessible to any intended reader. If your intended reader cannot understand your paper, there is nothing smart about what you have written.

A good (as in a well-written) article will appeal to a wide readership. Good writing is work that is accessible to all interested readers. Readers should be able to grasp its message the first time, without suffering laborious pains as they re-read many sentences to see what the message is about.

Graham can help you with your scientific and technical writing and editing needs. He can use your notes, or rough draft, and re-cast the information into a meaningful, easy-to-read document that will appeal to the widest possible readership.

Scientific editing

Graham’s editing experience ranges from coordinating editor of a science dictionary, to senior editor of one of the largest publishing organisations in the southern hemisphere, and scientific editor of journals.

Editing is the art of cutting out all unnecessary words so the result is the clearest, most concise writing possible.

In editing your work, Graham takes out all grammatical and spelling errors. He ensures that the style is consistent throughout, and he makes sure that no errors of fact remain. It is usually the standard of editing that determines the acceptance or rejection of written material by a magazine or journal.

Graham is alert for errors in grammar and usage, and in spelling. He makes sure the punctuation is adequate and conventional but no more frequent than clarity or emphasis requires.

In editing, Graham will get rid of what is redundant or irrelevant. All trivial and tedious details will be eliminated.

In editing your documents, Graham will: