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Welcome to the creative world of author Graham Andrews

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A Guide to Wrought Iron and Welding

By Graham Andrews

Wrought iron work can be a most productive hobby, and it is one that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Wrought iron gates, fences, security screens and pergolas can all be made by the home handyman.

Improve the appearance of your house, enhance its value, and increase security with distinctive wrought iron features.

Improved technology means that electric welders are smaller, easily managed, less costly, and suitable for use around the home.

Graham Andrews has been conducting successful workshops on welding and wrought iron for several years, teaching his students to make both useful and decorative items, as well as showing how to tackle the many small repairs that need to be done around the house and garden.

A Guide to Wrought Iron and Welding gives detailed, easy-to-follow directions for eighteen useful welding projects. Step-by-step instructions and black and white photographs guide the novice through every stage of design and construction.

The book includes information about selecting materials, planning and design, techniques, equipment, finishing and painting, and safety.

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About the book

A Guide to Wrought Iron and Welding

ISBN 0.17.006820

116 pages

This book is now out of print

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