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Practical Arc Welding

Welding techniques and projects for the home and farm

By Graham J Andrews

ISBN: 978-0-9924642-9-5

This book is a practical guide to getting you started in arc welding

All the basics of arc welding are covered in this book. Get started in welding with the right advice, and information about buying the right equipment and working safely with your welder. Learn how to weld all types of steel, and to carry out lasting repairs on steel items.

Learn how to work with mesh, and to repair items made from cast iron.

Details instructions for 23 projects to make are included in this book.

About the Book

Practical Arc Welding. ISBN: 978-0-9924642-9-5 Contains 213 pages. It is the latest publication by Flairnet, and is available for $34.95 plus postage.

About the Author

Graham has conducted successful workshops on welding and wrought iron over many years, teaching his students to make both useful and decorative items from steel, as well as showing them how to tackle the many small repairs that need to be done around the home, garden and on the farm.

Graham’s articles have appeared in a range of popular magazines intended for the home welder and the farm welder.

Graham's first book about welding, A Guide To Wrought Iron and Welding, was published by Nelson Publishers.

Copies of Practical Arc Welding are available from our printer’s Spotlight page or you can order from your favourite online bookstore.

Practical Arc Welding - Welding techniques and projects for the home and farm by Graham Andrews, best-selling author in the Geelong area of Victoria

Practical Arc Welding

ISBN: 978-0-9924642-9-5 Contains 213 pages.

$AU34.95 plus postage




1   History of welding

2  About iron and steel

3  The right tools

4  Learning to weld

5  A guide to quality welding

6  Welding with safety

7  Ordering and cutting

8  What can you make

9  Welding repairs

10  Twisting flat bar

11  Twisting square bars

12  Scroll tool

13  Scrolls

14  A guide to cutting steel

15  Distortion

16  Welding galvanised steel

17  Welding stainless steel

18  Working with mesh

19  Repairing cast iron

20  Pipes

21  Making steel stronger

22  Hardfacing surfaces

23  A guide to bending steel

24  Painting and finishing off

25  Welding steel plate

26  Bird dish stand

27  Hose support

28  Garden bench

29  Mail box stand

30  Steel trestle

31  Security grille

32  Outdoor table

33  Steel door

34  Lattice and steel door

35  Patio bench

36  Roof trusses

37  Saw-horses

38  Driveway gates

39  Personalise your gates

40  Outboard motor stand

41  Bull-bar

42  Box trailer

43  Farm gates

44  Fencing roller

45  Hay feeder

46  Loading ramp

47  Cattle grids

48  Pump sled